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Our Vision

To be an indispensable egg-based solutions leader through relentless pursuit of sustainable production and innovative solutions.

Our Story

Rembrandt Foods was founded in 2000 with the fundamental vision to be a fully integrated, sustainable egg products company. Since our inception, Rembrandt has grown from a simple, layer and breaking processor, supplying raw egg to the industry, to a fully engaged processor supplying a range of traditional and emerging egg products to the food industry. Now, with the investment of AGR Partners in 2022, Rembrandt Foods is poised to expand its range of capabilities, with a dedication to the egg products industry that is part of our heart-and-soul.

Our Values

The Spirit of Rembrandt is exemplified by our values. These are the fundamental building blocks that shape our culture, drive our team and contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Our Core Values Shape Our Culture.


We Aspire Beyond


We Get It Done


We Build To Last


We Do Things Right


We Work Together


We Live Responsibly

Innovative Solutions

Day in and day out, we focus on nothing but the egg. This allows us to devote 100% of our time to understanding it better than anyone else. We translate that understanding into products and solutions that optimize the full functionality of the egg. The result is that we offer high performing products that include yolk for ice cream, albumen that strengthens pasta, whole eggs that add moist texture to cakes, enzyme modified eggs that reduce emulsification times, or egg white protein isolate that meets a variety of high protein applications.

  • We invest in product development and new technology.
  • Our state-of-the-art pilot plant and technical kitchen enable exploration of new solutions and innovative ideas.
  • On-site technology center promotes collaboration with customers.
  • We focus on research and development of cutting-edge protein manufacturing and applications.

Why Rembrandt Foods?

We build close partnerships, delivering on:

• Expertise
• Social Responsibility
• Innovation
• Transparency
• Reduced Supply Risk

We offer comprehensive egg-based solutions to our customers.