Liquid Shelf Stable Egg Product


Product Information

There are many benefits to using our Bakers Ease™. Here are just a few:

• Increases volume by 5-15% in finished baked goods.
• Extended shelf life compared to standard liquid eggs.
• Product consistency – can control moisture content.
• Food safety.
• Reconstitutes to original egg properties when water is added.
• The product is shelf stable.
• Improves emulsification – blends smoothly and evenly.

For your recipe: Simply replace the required amount of whole egg with an equal amount of Bakers Ease™. Reduce sugar by 50%, and add 1 pound of water for every 2 pounds of Bakers Ease™. Make sure to blend thoroughly.

Storage & Shelf Life: Bakers Ease™ has a shelf life of 6 months from the date of manufacture, as long as it’s stored at ambient temperatures under normal humidity. Product should be used within 7 days of opening. Extreme temperature changes or storage in areas of high humidity can jeopardize the integrity of the product.

Download PDF Please check with your sales representative on product availability and pack size options or download PDF for more information.