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Benefits include:

• Labor savings
• Easy portion control and handling
• Food safety
• Consistent quality

Download PDFFor information on converting from shell egg to liquid egg for your recipe, please download the following PDF.

Storage & Shelf Life: specific to product type.
For specific product and pack size shelf life information, please request a specification as it varies by product.

Product should avoid freezing as it can be harmful to the product base, and the packaging seals could be damaged by the expansion of the liquid. If handled properly, the product may be held for use 3 days after opening. If the product is held above 40°F for more than 3 hours, any unused portion should be discarded.

Download PDFPlease check with your sales representative on product availability and pack size options or download PDF for more information.


Liquid Whole Egg

• Liquid Whole Egg – Our standard liquid whole egg product.
• Liquid Whole Egg 10% Salt – Salt extends the shelf life by acting as a preservative.

Liquid Egg Yolk
• Liquid Egg Yolk 10% Salt – Salt extends the shelf life by acting as a preservative.
• Liquid Egg Yolk 10% Sugar – Sugar aids in retaining moisture and avoiding crystallization. Perfect for ice cream applications.
• Emulsionaid 10 (Enzyme Modified Liquid Egg Product) – Contains phospholipase, which improves emulsions creating heat stability for sauces. Ideal for sauce applications.

Liquid Egg Whites
• Angel Whip Liquid Egg Whites – Gives you the ultimate whipping functionality in your recipe. Perfect for confectionery applications.