Eggs and Pancakes

With a focus on healthier eating, the USDA made major changes to their school meal program to help raise a healthier generation of children.  The new standards focus on offering fruits and vegetables every day, increasing offerings of grain-rich foods, offering fat-free or low-fat milk, and reducing saturated and trans fats along with sodium.

Children’s nutrition is a very important topic that has gained a lot of national attention with good reason. In the 2012-2013 school year, there were 13.2 million children participating the in a breakfast program at school on a typical day and that number grows larger each year. There has been more of a push to make breakfast a part of the school day like “second chance breakfast” that will only increase the number of breakfast meals served to students. Research shows that students, who eat breakfast at school, increase their math and reading scores and improve their speed and memory on cognitive tests.

Eggs are so naturally nutritious that they are an important component in the schools’ breakfast programs. Eggs play an important role in satiety, making a person feel fuller longer, which is important for a child’s focus during the day. Eggs are also a high quality protein source, making them a viable substitute for meat products.

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